Fire breaks out at Kansas City senior living apartment complex

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Six people are in the hospital after a fire at a Kansas City apartment complex. Tenants in all 163 units will have to find a new home for the time being.

FOX 4's Nicole DiAntonio spoke with one woman who didn't think she was going to make it out of the building alive.

"They said the elevator shut off automatically and I can't walk, so I was wondering how I was going to get out," said resident Faye Taylor.

Taylor was sitting in her newly decorated apartment at Paraclete Manor, a senior living community, when the fire alarm went off Saturday afternoon.

"I heard the alarm but I was thinking it was my clock alarm. Then I heard people, the firemen knocking on the door," Taylor recalled.

Nearly two months after moving into the apartment building, Taylor found herself leaving much sooner than she planned.

"I asked them if they could walk me down the stairs and they said the elevators just came up, then they put me in a wheelchair and brought me down," Taylor said.

Just down the street, Jimmy Smith came running from work when he heard his aunt was trapped inside the burning building.

"I just rushed to the first firefighter I saw and said, 'hey, there's one more lady stuck up in there,' and they went and got her," Smith said.

"I was happy to see him," Taylor said. "And it made me want to cry more because I was happy."

In total, the families living in all 163 units left the building as power had to be shut off.

Down the street, the Red Cross and ATA buses were called to administer aid and get families out to loved ones.

"I was worried about her at that time that you said that. You know, I didn't know. I was just worried about her. You know, just tried to get here as fast as I could," Smith said.

The battalion chief said the fire started on the second floor in one of the rooms. It did not extend to the third floor. There is no word yet on the cause.

Some of those apartments should be repaired by next week.