KCK reeling from ‘unprecedented’ crime wave after another homicide

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- KCK police call the recent crime in the city "unprecedented." The homicide and shooting count is up and it's why city leaders met at police headquarters on a Saturday.

Just before the 3 p.m. meeting, the city saw its 28th homicide for the year.

Deputy Chief Tyrone Garner said, "This afternoon, we just had a homicide in the area of 21st and Quindaro."

Another homicide means another KCK family is forced to bury a loved one. Relatives were there this afternoon, and one woman told FOX 4 this is not the same city she grew up in.

"Home is supposed to be safe. You can not be safe. You're supposed to be safe at home. This is not safe. This is not home," she said.

It's that same argument that brought KCK elected officials, community leaders, and concerned citizens to police headquarters on a Saturday.

"It literally takes a village," Garner said.

Wyandotte County District 1 Commissioner Gayle Townsend said, "I don't know if it's turf war, retaliation, drugs, whatever it is, there is no earthly reason for this to go on."

This week alone, four people were killed in the city. Since July 5, that count is 14. The people who met Saturday said they stood as "a unified front" to tell the violent offenders to stop attacking one another and the city they all share.

Garner said, "They aren't just here for a photo op. They're here because we're going to leave this room, and we're going to support not only the victims, but we're going to be on the streets knocking on doors, handing out information, and connecting with our citizens."

The homicide count for KCK this year, as of Sept 3, is 28. Police say that's 6 more than this time last year.