Metro Catholics inspired by canonization of Mother Teresa

KANSAS CITY, Mo -- Although the canonization was held in Europe, its effects were felt strongly here in the metro. Catholics were moved to tears, as they spoke with us about Saint Teresa.

From bells in Vatican City, to bells in Kansas City. Thousands of miles separate them, but they’re still celebrating the same woman.

“Full of joy and full of happiness,” Renee Boeppler said.

As Catholics walk into the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, some are moved to tears detailing what this day meant to them.

“I was extremely excited. She's done a lot for so many communities,” Kimberly Vazquez said.

“What a special day it must be for her, what a wonderful person. The beauty she has brought to the world,” Boeppler said.

“It's just a beautiful thing. I think when genuine people are recognized, for their gift to their world, that they can commemorated and of all people I can think of I think Mother Teresa fits that,” Denny Doherty said.

As they walked into mass, Catholics in KC say they’ll dedicate their prayers to the now Saint Teresa, hoping to send messages of thanks.

“What a hero she is to so many people,” Boeppler said.

“Mother Teresa, god bless you, I wanna thank you for being a genuine inspiration in myself, and other aspiring Christians,” Doherty said.