As KCK police investigate murder-suicide, neighbors reveal more about couple found dead inside home

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A teenager came home from school Tuesday to find her both her mother and stepfather dead. The high school student, 17, called Kansas City, Kansas police to her home on North 46th Terrace about 2:40 p.m. Tuesday.

Once police saw that both had been shot, they quickly called her 7-year-old brother's elementary school in the Turner Unified School District, urging staff to prevent him from also coming home to the gruesome scene.

Police victims' advocates and the chaplain were still with the children Tuesday night as they tried to reach the mother's closest family in Tennessee. Names were withheld until they could be reached, but on Wednesday, police identified the woman as Jennifer Combs, 45.

“It appears the mother was shot and then the suspect turned the gun on himself," Officer Tom Tomasic said.

Vickie Young remembers her neighbor and the spot she would go to find solitude.

“I can see her sitting in her swing and I talked to her every day so it does bother me a lot more than I thought it would,” she said.

“I never heard a cross word between them or at their kids or anything like that,” neighbor Gene Lowe said.

But other neighbor's had seen what they called the man’s temper.

“I just saw him Saturday he was very upset because one of my friends parked right in front of my house and he went to go threaten me saying if my friend didn’t move her car he was going to call the cops,” Luz Guevara said.

One neighbor even said she heard the couple fighting Tuesday morning. She said the woman started to leave, but when the man threatened to kill her she shut the door and went back inside.

Young said her neighbor confided in her about a rocky relationship.

“I wondered why she stayed but they had a little boy so I just figured that’s why she stayed. I never ever thought it would end like this, you don’t think about things like that in your own little neighborhood here," Young said.

Police confirmed one prior call to the home in May for a domestic situation. An autopsy will be conducted Wednesday, before police can make an official murder-suicide determination.