Children cry, parents angry that KCK school playground was set on fire

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A school playground is now off limits to the kids after someone set fire to it over the weekend. Parents reported seeing smoke and fire coming from the playground at Stony Point North Elementary Sunday afternoon. The slide is melted. Ash covers the rest of it. Yellow tape will warn the kids to stay away as the school and the PTO decide what to do next.

Parents are disheartened that someone would intentionally set the playground on fire. This playground is on school property, on the side of the building.

"It saddens and sickens me to report that some vandals set fire to the main structure of our playground...Please try to talk to your kids about what happened before they come to school on Tuesday. It is a shock to see such a happy place blackened, burnt, and melted, Rebecca Howard, PTA president, wrote on her Facebook page.

Howard said another parent saw what he or she considered suspicious activity around the playground. The parent reported about five juveniles, about middle school age.

"My daughter was with me. She was really upset. She was crying," said Howard.

If you want to help, the PTO is asking for donations to be given to the school or else at the MainStreet Credit Union, where Howard works. The playground cost about $50,000.