Family hopes funeral procession for Olathe man ejected from his classic car will be long line of classics

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A 65-year-old Olathe man is being remembered for his love of life and classic cars after his death on September 1 after a crash in a car he was restoring.

David Lee Summers was driving his restored 1949 Mercury when he and the driver of a 2012 Chrysler collided at 159th and Lowell in Overland Park. The driver and two passengers in the Chrysler were not injured.

Because Summers hadn't yet installed the seat belts, he was ejected from the vehicle upon impact. Overland Park police say the car wreck is still under investigation.

Summers' father-in-law, Raymond Wickey, said Summers was always conscious of safety and planned to install seat belts as he worked on the car's interior.

"The reason the seat belts were not  in is because he had not finish the car yet. In fact, he just got done with putting the insulation on the floor," said Wickey. "He just wanted to get it out and take it for a little drive and he said, 'I'll be right back,' told his wife,  'I'll be right back.'"

David Dillbeck says Summers was a colleague and friend for 32 years and he will miss his friendship and his advice.

"We worked in different departments but we talked quite frequently. I would go and see him at the office. Dave was the most friendliest guy you would ever want to meet. He had a big heart and would do anything for anybody," says Dillbeck.

Summers' family says they are in the process of planning his funeral and they hope as the hearse carries Summers to the cemetery, that it will be followed by a classic car funeral procession.