Man calls scene of Kansas City homicide investigation unsettling, unusual for area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- What first appeared to be an accident on a South Kansas City road is now being investigated as a homicide – after the body of a young man was found lying in the middle of the street.

The investigation began Tuesday morning around 6:30 near 136th and Holmes in Kansas City, Mo.

“There were police cars everywhere,” recalled Mike Helton, who is the business manager at nearby Reno’s Powersports KC. “There were probably 10-15 police cars every which direction parked down the street.”

It was an unsettling sight for Helton, who came into work early Tuesday morning and quickly noticed the commotion down the street.

“I could see feet sticking out from underneath of a yellow tarp,” he said. “So I knew somebody was dead, obviously because the ambulance left and they stayed.”

It was a body Helton at first feared might belong to one of his coworkers who routinely rides a motorcycle into work.

“So I started calling him on his cell phone,” he said, “and he wasn`t answering so it was really starting to bother me.”

Thankfully, Helton’s friend soon returned his call and explained he was just fine, but running late because of the traffic back-up.

Getting that call was a relief for Helton, but nonetheless a tragedy for someone else.

Police soon determined the victim was a man in his mid-20s who was not a pedestrian hit by a car as first thought, but rather someone several sources close to the investigation said was shot before being dumped onto the street.

“I wonder how it happened,” Helton said. “Did they shoot him? Did they shove him out of the car? What happened?”

Those questions remained unanswered Tuesday night, as police continued working to track down the man’s killer and the community worked to get back to normal.

“It`s just kind of weird,” Helton said. “I’ve been here 6.5 years and that`s the first time anything has happened like that in this area.”

Police have not yet identified the victim, but they do need your help in finding the suspect.

If you saw anything or know who is responsible, they're asking you call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.