UMKC and Uber join forces to offer students a free ride to a sporting event

KANSAS CITY, Mo. --Anyone heading to UMKC for an event or sporting game will now be able to get a free Uber ride.

UMKC is the first university in Missouri to offer this program, and the hope is that Uber will bring out but more people from the community to the sporting events, not just students.

There will be pick-up and drop-off locations at every UMKC athletic event. Fans just need to open up the Uber app, and they will receive a message instructing them where to meet their driver at the venue.

Other schools with this program already in place include Duke, Florida and USC.

The athletic director at UMKC hopes this will inspire the community to support their local team.

“Kansas City is a sports town,” UMKC’s director of athletics Carla Wilson said. “We have the Chiefs and just look at the Royals and success there. This is just an opportunity. Again, you're the only Division I team in Kansas City, and it's an opportunity for all Kansas Citians to come out. And you can still support Mizzou Arkansas or K state and still be a UMKC fan.”

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