Widow passes along to someone else in need the very gift given to her husband

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When a loveable 94-year-old  curmudgeon named BoBo passed away last month, his widow had one wish.  She wanted to give the power chair a FOX 4 viewer had given to her husband to someone else also in need.

That someone is 34-year-old Matthew Bushnell. He's a father of three who has had great difficulty getting around ever since he was mowed down by an SUV while walking to work in May. Bushnell spent more than a month in the hospital, has more than 30 staples in his head and lost the use of one of his legs.

Bushnell, who can't afford health insurance, relies on a walker to get around. But he can't stand up for more than a few minutes because he's in constant pain. The chair will give him his freedom back.

When we told BoBo's widow Marilyn Nickerson about Bushnell, she was eager to help.

She knows BoBo would have wanted Bushnell to have the power chair.

"I think he will be pleased, very pleased," Marilyn said.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers was there when Marilyn gave Bushnell the chair.

"It fits me perfectly," said Bushnell with a big smile as he sank into the chair.

Bushnell is hoping the power chair will give him the ability to work again. He's hoping to find a job he can do while sitting down.

But for now he's just grateful.

"I sure am glad you got this," said Marilyn as Bushnell gave her hug. "I really am."