Family member on a mission to make sure kids killed in suspected DWI crash on I-70 aren’t forgotten

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Days after a fatal Blue Springs crash, a mother and father are coming to terms with the tragedy that changed their lives forever. The crash happened on Monday on I-70. A man who police say was drinking, rear ended a family of four, killing two young children and paralyzing their father. Now their family is sending a plea to the community, to remember Gavin and Chloe.

“They were heading home from a weekend with family,” family member Tiffany Garland said

It was supposed to be a relaxing drive home for family of four. The Beaird family was driving on I-70 Monday night, back to Warrenton after a trip to Nebraska to see family. Police say 60-year-old James Green rear ended the family’s car, killing 13-year-old Gavin and 7-year-old Chloe.

Chloe Beaird, 7, and Gavin Beaird 13, were killed in a crash on Monday.

Chloe Beaird, 7, and Gavin Beaird 13, were killed in a crash on Monday.

“We're not focused on two lives lost... we're focused on four. That's because their lives have changed,” Garland said.

Garland says parents David and Jennifer are still in shock. Jennifer has been released from the hospital and is at David’s side, who is now paralyzed. Tiffany says while she is grieving the loss of Gavin and Chloe, she can’t help but feel anger towards Green; a man who already had two DWIs under his belt.

“The man is in his 60's and has obviously learned nothing. I think it's important that he doesn't just get a slap on the wrist and live his life in jail. He needs to feel some of the pain that we feel,” said Garland.

The Beaird family is from Warrenton, near St. Louis. Garland is the only relative here in Kansas City. She says she has made it her mission to be at every court appearance, wearing a shirt with Gavin and Chloe’s faces on it.

“My idea to do the T-shirts is so that every time I go to court, he gets to see the faces of lives that he ruined,” Garland said.

Tiffany says Chloe and Gavin were fun-loving kids, who loved animals and being out on the farm. She’s put together a GoFundMe to help the family lay them to rest. After she says goodbye, Tiffany says she plans to make sure they get justice.

“I will never give up, I have to be a voice for them.”

Green’s first court appearance is set for September 26th. He’s being held at the Jackson County jail on a $200,000 cash-only bond.

If you would like to help the Beaird family, click on this link.