Hillary Clinton stops in Kansas City on campaign trail to speak at National Baptist Convention

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of delegates of the National Baptist Convention had the opportunity to hear Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speak at the Kansas City Convention Center Thursday afternoon.

It was a rare treat for supporters who have never seen Clinton in person like Allie Massey from South Carolina,

"I have only seen her on TV and I will enjoy seeing her in person,” said Massey.

D.L. Richardson from Little Rock, Arkansas has seen both Hillary and Bill Clinton several times, "Definitely looking forward to supporting her and her helping our nation to advance even more.”

Clinton has a long and supportive relationship with the National Baptist Conference, and has a large number of votes locked up among its members.

Other hesitant supporters like Gary Gaston say she has some work to do in Kansas City. Gaston wants to Clinton to communicate that she is trustworthy.

"And that she is honest and that she is capable of handling the issues of our country and the world,” he continued.

While most national polls have Clinton leading Republican candidate Donald Trump in a tight race, the majority of voters like Gaston question her honesty. A recent CNN poll shows Clinton hovering around 57 percent of Americans believing that she is *not* trustworthy.

It is something Gaston hopes she can clear up during her speech in Kansas City.

For many here, Clinton's speech needs to be more than simply a rally. The presidential candidate went nine months without holding a press conference, so it is important to many in the audience that Clinton give details about what she will do on a variety of platforms if she is to become president.

"Hopefully she will share some things with us about the security of our nation and bringing our country together," said Richardson.