Kansas City security guard frustrated after being shot at while driving on 71 Highway

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "Man, all I did was what I do every night after I leave work. I hopped in my car, hit 71 Highway and then I heard those two thumps. I thought maybe it was a pellet or a rock, " said Anthony Mitchell.

However, it wasn't a random rock that hit his Honda Pilot as he drove north on 71 Highway near Truman Road just after 10 Tuesday night.

The 48-year-old security guard for Kansas City Parks and Recreation told police after pulling off the ramp he quickly saw two white punctures in his vehicle.

Without a doubt, Anthony says a guy, riding in a tan-colored Buick with two other men, fired something at him while he just drove down the busy highway.

"He sat in the back seat of that car and they just rode alongside me. They looked to be teenagers. That guy who fired at me looked like he had a smile on his face after they just drove off so casually," said Mitchell.

"I told the police I don't know why those guys targeted me. I mean it's so frustrating that I couldn't even sleep that night, just thinking about it," he continued.

The frustrated security guard says he wasn't sure exactly what the guy fired.

"It doesn't matter if it was a pellet gun, a BB gun or a slingshot. Whatever it was, he meant to fire it at me and I'm so upset because I could've lost control of my car, hit some barriers or even hit another car. That man put my life in danger and I could've put somebody else's life in danger," said Mitchell.

"I just said thank God that you weren't hurt and that you made it home safely. I can get another car, but I cannot get another husband," said Darlene Mitchell, the security guard's wife of 26 years.

Now, Anthony prepares to have the costly damage repairs as he prays police can find the shooter.

"According to one estimate, it's going to cost me four or five-hundred dollars to fix those two holes in my car. I just want those guys to go to jail," he said.