Football family provides support for Platte County coach as his 4-year-old fights leukemia

PLATTE CITY, Mo. -- One of Platte County High School football’s assistant coaches faces more than a little rain that forced a shift in game times around the metro on Friday.

His family has faced a true storm, and now their house is bright again.

Assistant coach Todd Jaros treasures his Pirate players -- especially after the support they've shown for his own flesh and blood.

Late in February 2015, Landon Jaros, Todd's 4-year-old son, complained of severe headaches. Doctors discovered Landon's body was fighting a form of leukemia.

“It's just tough for a 4-year old to go through something like this. At this time, you want a 4-year old to be a kid,” Jaros said.

In the coming months, the Jaros family saw Landon receive cancer treatments and they rejoiced when word arrived that he was in remission.

“As soon as we heard the news, we just all stated crying. I mean, tears of joy,” Jaros recalled.

And all the while, Coach Jaros never gave up on his other family.

“Being able to get away, both teaching and coaching, is a nice breath of fresh air,” he said.

“We see Coach Jaros battling through that and he's still coming out here, and helping coach. We take that in an aspect where we're motivated to come out here and try to do it for his family and Landon,” said Pirates quarterback Justin Mitchell.

“He doesn't want the attention of anything. He keeps stuff as quiet as possible, but he's willing to share. He knows that people want to know just because of his well-being,” said Pirates coach Bill Utz.

“Seeing as much support as we have in this community in Platte City, it's just unbelievable,” Jaros said.

Coach Jaros says Landon will need precautionary chemotherapy for the next three years. He says the community has been so kind to him -- neighbors have even volunteered to mow his yard once per week.

For more information about the family's fight, click on this link.