Man charged in connection with kidnapping of Kansas City man found shot to death

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A suspect is now facing a federal charge in connection with the death of a man whose body was found alongside a road earlier this week.

The suspect`s name is Raynal King, and according to court documents, he participated in the kidnapping of a Kansas City man who was found shot to death.

Federal prosecutors charged King with kidnapping resulting in the death of 28-year-old Jaime Patton of Kansas City. Patton’s body was found in the street near 136th and Holmes, an autopsy revealing he had been shot to death.

According to court papers, investigators determined earlier that day Patton left a hospital where he cared for a relative and drove home. Police say after he left the hospital Patton called his wife and asked her for the PIN to their debit card.

Police later obtained surveillance video they say shows King driving Patton`s car that morning with a wounded, unconscious Patton still in the passenger seat with his arms straight out and palms on the dashboard.

Police say an unidentified man was in the back seat. They also say there were several failed attempts to use Patton`s debit card at different ATMs in Kansas City.

Investigators also say security cameras at a 7-Eleven on Wornall Road caught King on video driving another vehicle to the store---where there were three more attempts to use Patton`s stolen debit card.

Court papers further reveal King told detectives when Patton tried to jump out of the vehicle, the unidentified suspect fired the handgun at Patton.

A Kansas City police officer arrested king Thursday during a traffic stop. He remains in federal custody while police continue to look for the second man.