City leaders announce official plans for future of Kemper Arena

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The future of Kemper Arena is now secure as the city says it has secured its status as a historic designation, and the new title will save residents millions of dollars.

City leaders made the announcement official at 10 a.m., Monday.

Because Kemper is now registered as a historic building, it cannot be torn down. The new designation also allows the developers, the Foutch Brothers, to secure tax credits as they renovate the building and transform it into a new youth sports complex.

Currently the city spends $1-million per year just to maintain the arena, and last year, Kemper only hosted eight events.

Once the Foutch Brothers begin the project, they will take over the cost of the building and that money can be used for other city projects.

Tearing down Kemper would’ve cost the city $10-million, so the fact the Foutch Brothers will renovate the existing structure saves that city that much money, as well.

The plan is to build a second floor inside, larger than the first floor, and to make it truly a multi-purpose facility, as seen in the video above. Besides hosting basketball, volleyball, and soccer games, athletes can use the building for training.

The newly renovated arena is expected to host concerts both inside and outside, and there will be a medical clinic open for the public to use. The medical clinic will be run by Mosaic Life Care out of St. Joseph, which operates several clinics in the Northland. Mosaic Life Care has also secured the naming rights. Once it re-opens late next year, it will no longer be called Kemper Arena but Mosaic Arena.