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Techweek begins in Kansas City, connecting innovators and offering business opportunities

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Techweek kicked off on Monday in Kansas City --bringing a weeklong celebration of technology and innovation to the "City of Fountains" for the second year in a row.

The event brings together entrepreneurs, visionaries, influencers and thought leaders who can help make the world a better place through tech entrepreneurship.

“It was not only about our passion for being responsible and good dog owners, but it was also my personal interest in statistics and data,” said Davide Rossi, the co-founder of FitBark, one of many tech-savvy businessmen participating in Kansas City’s Techweek at Union Station.

“Techweek really to us means an opportunity for communities, and not only the notorious ones, to start to establish ourselves and our leadership in building great companies,” added Rossi.

He started FitBark with his sister Sara Rossi-- it helps dog owners keep track of the activity their pets are getting.

“How much activity points, how many calories, or many miles,” Rossi said.

It clips on the dog's collar with an elastic band, and you can track the data right on your phone.

“It’s eight grams, very tiny, it doesn`t bother dogs at any size, and it tracks activity and sleep 24/7,” Rossi described.

This is just one of many ideas you'll find at Tech Week.

The CEO of tech week, Amanda Signorelli, says the event visits eight cities across the country and is anticipating more than 40,000 people to attend.

“It drives entrepreneurial talent, it drives job creation, it drives concentration of capital, and it also results in other businesses collaborating with each other to build upon that, which means that you see direct growth to the ecosystem and the economy behind it,” Signorelli said.

Rossi says it's a great networking opportunity.

“I think it`s about getting all of us here, in this region together, and start sharing positive experiences, if you see somebody who has been successful, it`s just so inspirational,” says Rossi.

There is also a grant competition at Techweek.

Ten companies will be awarded $50,000 grants to move their start-ups to Kansas City.

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