Westport shooting victim recalls harrowing moments as shooters opened fire on crowd

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A night out in Westport ended in a blur for one man after gunmen opened fire on a group of people.

Dillon Clinton and his two friends were in town for the Chiefs game, but never made it Arrowhead. Instead they watched the game in the hospital.

"I heard my friend who said, 'I’m hit.' I crawled over to him and noticed my face was covered in blood," he said.

They were standing in front of their hotel when Clinton said he saw a man running toward the hotel parking lot. Prosecutors said a car struck the man, knocking him to the ground. Then two people got out of the car and fired shots.

The man hit by the car was shot in the thigh. Clinton and his friends were caught in the crossfire.

"We think we saw the gun, we just heard boom, boom, boom. We ran around the corner. It was another ten gunshots I heard, I would say," Clinton said.

Clinton said he was struck in the face, chest, and elbow. His friend, Javier, sustained injuries in the temple and eye. Another friend, Lee, was carted away on a gurney for injuries to his waist. All three were treated at local hospitals.

Clinton believes a sign may have played a part in their survival.

"I think pieces of the sign either fragmented or tore the bullet enough where it wasn’t going to do much more damage than it did," he said.

Police said after the shots, Kelvin Clark and another man got back into the car and sped off. They crashed at 39th & Southwest Trafficway. Clark and another suspect ran from the car. Clark was taken into custody, along with a female suspect still in the car.

Prosecutors charged Clark with assault and armed criminal action. Clinton said this experience won’t keep him away from Kansas City or supporting his Chiefs.

"It was kind of like a wrong place at the wrong time thing," he said.