Woman is speechless when FOX 4 surprises her with Pay-It-Forward award

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When two women met at an assisted living facility, their lives were forever changed.

Cara says Florence McDonald has made sure she hasn't missed out because of a disability that requires her to use a wheelchair.

"We've been best friends for forever," Cara said. "I've been trying to figure out ways to pay her back and everything, and this is the perfect way."

Cara adds that McDonald cleans her house, takes her grocery shopping, runs her errands and does her laundry.

McDonald was speechless to say the least when Cara  and FOX 4's Kathy Quinn presented her with $300. Watch the video above to see her full, joyful reaction.

"I'll pay it forward," McDonald said in regards to the $300 when she was finally able to capture her breath.

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