Chiefs quarterbacks visit Kansas City fire station to say thank you

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs’ three quarterbacks, Tyler Bray and Nick Foles and Alex Smith paid a visit Tuesday to Kansas City Fire Station Number 19, honoring and thanking first responders, firefighters and EMTs.
KC Chiefs QBs dress up as firefighters


“It just shows how ingrained they are in the community and how they want to be a part of the community,” said Sharon Martin, fire apparatus operator, who drives at the front of the hook and ladder truck and has been with the department for 21 years. “They thanked all the Chiefs fans for coming out, especially for the workers who don’t always get to go to the games. We watch most of the games here at the station.”

Sharon Martin, firefighter

Sharon Martin, firefighter

Martin showed Alex how she works the ladder.

“We were just talking about how careful you have to be on the ladder, when it shook that one time I said, ‘If you have a firefighter up there, you’re going to shake them right off of there and if they stay on there they’re going to come down and tell you about it.  So you have to be really slow with the controls.’ We were just talking about how to maneuver the ladder and he really enjoyed it.”

As you can see in the photo gallery above the three quarterbacks had a good time and exchanged gifts with the firefighters. The station got a signed Chiefs jersey and the quarterbacks got Fire Station 19/Westport shirts.

“Learning a little bit, goofing off a little bit too,” Alex Smith said.

He says he’s so appreciative of what they do on a daily basis and it is especially meaningful at the 15 year anniversary of 9/11.

“It’s the ultimate selflessness, right? For this country, for humanity and just in awe of that, you know. I really am and just want to say thank you to these guys who do that and risk it and put it on the line everyday they go to work.  It’s remarkable,” said Smith.

“We’re talking real, real pressure situation here these guys are under,” Smith said. “We’re in pressure situations too, but this is on a different level.”