Family involved in traffic stop where Johnson County deputy was killed can’t stop thinking about him

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. -- Master Deputy Brandon Collins had a driver pulled over on U.S. 69 Highway south early Sunday morning when investigators say Adrian Espinosa-Flores crashed into him.

collins2The family he pulled over on Sunday morning says they`re still shaken by the accident and can`t stop thinking about it.

“I’m so sorry that this happened to you,” said 15-year-old Ruby Lopez.

Ruby said she, her parents and brother were heading home from a relative's birthday party, when Deputy Collins pulled them over because one of their headlights was out.

“If we would have known we would have easily fixed it, like the next day, but we really didn`t know anything about it,” Ricardo Lopez said.

Ricardo says after the deputy got his mother`s driver`s license and insurance card, he went back to his patrol car and all of a sudden there was a huge bang.

“My dad goes to check to see if everything was ok, but he could tell he couldn`t do anything for the cop,” Ricardo said.

He said his father also checked on Espinosa-Flores` truck, the man police say was driving drunk and caused the wreck, but Espinosa-Flores was gone.

“It angers me, why would you drive drunk?” Ricardo said.

Ruby told FOX 4 she can`t stop thinking about Deputy Collins and how he died in the line of duty.

“He was really nice in the little moment that we had, he was very nice and he cracked a joke and really humble from what I can tell from him,” she said. “It`s really sad to see this happen to an officer that`s been in the police for like 21 years.”

Deputy Collins’ visitation will be held on Wednesday followed by a memorial service on Thursday at the College Church of the Nazarene in Olathe.