Detectives remove items from Kylr Yust’s grandfather’s home in connection with woman’s disappearance

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Investigators searched the home of Kylr Yust's grandfather Wednesday for clues in the disappearance of Jessica Runions.

Yust, 28, was brought back to Kansas City in police custody on Wednesday, accused of setting fire to the Raymore woman’s car.

Yust’s grandfather says Kylr lived with him off and on for years. He returned to his Kansas City home to find a warrant explaining exactly what detectives were looking for, and what they ended up taking as part of their investigation.

“See all that stuff was up in that closet,” Alfred Yust pointed to items strewn about.

Kylr Yust was reportedly the last person seen with Runions leaving a party Thursday night. She hasn’t been seen since, but her burned out Chevrolet Equinox was discovered over the weekend, and Yust was arrested on suspicion of knowingly burning her car.

The warrant said police were looking for burned or partially burned clothing, keys to a Chevy, and women’s items including yoga pants and a brown leather purse.

“Yeah they went through all the junk down here," Alfred Yust said as he continued to inspect his home.

“They did a lot but they aren’t finding too much.” He said.

According to the same warrant, police left with a blue plaid shirt, a q-tip with blood and alcohol pad with blood.

Alfred Yust declined to talk with FOX 4 about whether he thought his grandson could be any way involved with either the disappearance of Runions or Kara Kopetsky, who had filed for a protection order from Yust in 2007 before she vanished.

As for Kylr Yust, he had his own reasons for not answering reporter’s questions.

“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” Yust said as he was loaded into a police transport van and taken to the detention center.