Keep your kids safe at home with these tips

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Because September is Baby Safety Month, FOX 4 invited local blogger Megan Peters to share some parenting tips to keep little ones healthy and happy.


Home Safety Tips

  1. Mount Your Furniture and TV's - One of the most common injuries for kids is when TV's or unmounted furniture falls on them. You can get mounting kits online, at electronics stores, furniture stores or hardware stores for around $10-$15.
  2. Watch the Candy! - The most frequent cause of choking for kids under 14-years old is eating candy! Make sure you're not giving any hard candy or gum to kids 4 and under and pass that rule along to caregivers and grandparents.
  3. Spray Bottles with Toxic Chemicals - You can replace your cleaners with less toxic or homemade versions (I will bring an example). Keep sprayers turned to the off position and looked up in a child locked cabinet.
  4. Detergent Pods - These bright, colorful pods look like candy or toys to little children. Keep high out of reach!
  5. Sign up for Recall Alerts - You can do this when you buy a new piece of baby gear...make sure to send in the card and check online for recalls.

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