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Neighbors push back against QuikTrip renovation plan on Westport Road

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Plans to expand a QuikTrip store on Westport Road have people in the West Plaza neighborhood signing a petition to stop it.

Like many convenience stores around Kansas City, this one is a busy place.

Those who live nearby in the West Plaza understand the company's desire to expand, and say they're not not necessarily opposed to it.

But neighbors told FOX 4 News what has been proposed is far too large for the area.

QuikTrip wants to take part of a city street, Mercier Avenue, which would limit access to the neighborhood and create a dead end. The company also would purchase an apartment building and duplex, eliminating 10 important housing units for the community.

"Paving over Mercier, taking one of our residential streets that’s two-way right now, and people use that, both vehicles and pedestrians, to get to Westport Road," said Julie Tenenbaum, Vice President of the West Plaza Neighborhood Association. "If they block that off, then people would have to go all the way from Roanoke, all the way down to Holly in order to get into the neighborhood."

The proposal goes before the city's plan commission on Tuesday. This week neighbors began circulating a petition to stop what they call a super-sized suburban QuikTrip.

A representative from QuikTrip has not yet responded to FOX 4's inquiries about the plan.

Neighbors said they have met with company planners several times since June, but said QuikTrip has failed to address neighborhood concerns.

They say the expanded store also would create additional traffic on Westport Road, which already has a congestion problem during rush hour.