Former K-State student’s racially insensitive Snapchat results in instant, widespread backlash

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas State student’s racially offensive Snapchat went viral Thursday and she’s facing backlash from people all over the world. The Olathe North graduate has been receiving threats all day and K-State tells FOX 4 she is no longer enrolled at the university.

It’s the Snapchat seen around the world. Two girls who at a glance appear to be in black face, with the caption “feels good to be a n*****.  Within hours after the K-State student posted it, her life changed. The Snapchat went viral and the flood gates of backlash from people all over the world came pouring in. One tweeted, “her name is a verb for ignorance now.” Another said, “If you’re one of the people who thinks she isn’t racist, you’re just as big of a problem as she is.”

“My first reaction would be, what are you thinking?” Jim Grant asked.

FOX 4 showed Grant, a social media expert, the photo circulating online. He says all too often, people think because the picture is sent through Snapchat, it’ll be private and gone seconds later.

“It doesn't get deleted. It gets indexed by search engines, it gets shared by friends, someone saves it on a hard drive somewhere. It just doesn't go away,” Grant said.

A lesson learned the hard way. Hours after the Snapchat was posted, K-State released a statement reading in part: “The involved person is not currently enrolled at the university. It is our understanding the second individual in the photo is not associated with the university.”

Meanwhile the former student headed back to social media, this time to apologize. She says it wasn’t black face but instead a clay facial mask. She says she meant for it to be funny but understands it should never be joked about. A snapchat she says was meant to be a private post, an inside joke- but neither her former university nor thousands across the world are laughing.

“Just know today, nothing is private.”

FOX 4 did reach out to the former K-State student and her family for an interview. They did not return our messages or calls.