Kansas Association of School Boards issues 5 key components they want included in new finance plan

OLATHE, Kan. -- The Kansas Supreme Court is taking on the school budget, but first there was a plea for help on Thursday.

State and local leaders want everyone to get involved in the funding debate so they hosted the Kansas Association of School Boards at the Advanced Technical Center to discuss the school budget.

The state's Supreme Court is conducting a hearing next week that will focus on whether lawmakers are spending enough money on public schools. Also, Governor Sam Brownback is asking for feedback on what's needed to fund the school system, and KASB says they're stepping up to the challenge.

The organization says they're not offering a budget, but rather they're announcing five key components they wants to see included in the new finance plan. Those keys include accountability, adequacy, equity, efficiency and excellence.

The Kansas Association of School Boards hopes to have a voice in the funding debate, but admits sometimes things don't go their way.