Kansas City man accused of holding knife to throat, raping, impregnating teen on video

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Derek Bridgewater, 21, is accused of raping a 14-year old girl. That teen is now pregnant and prosecutors say the suspect cut the girl with a knife and videotaped them having sex.

Bridgewater is charged with rape, sodomy, and felonious restraint. Prosecutors say back in January, Bridgewater held a knife to the 14-year-old’s throat at a home he was staying at on South Benton and threatened to kill her family if she didn’t stay the night. The girl said he cut her arm and she was fearful for her life, so she let him record them having sex and finally let her leave to go to school.

When FOX 4 went to the home Thursday, Bridgewater’s mother said she had no idea her son had been arrested Wednesday and thought when he didn’t come he had moved in with the teen and her family at their request. Bridgewater's mother said the teen’s mom has encouraged them to be part of the baby’s life and invited her to the baby shower. According to court documents, the baby is due in November.

Bridgewater denied having sex with the 14-year-old girl to investigators. He's held on $150,000 bond.