Teen serving time for murder of Grandview dad returned to juvenile custody following escape from facility

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A teen murder convict is back in custody. The Missouri Highway Patrol says Jordan Ray's father returned him to juvenile detention sometime Thursday night.

The 16-year-old had escaped from the Northwest Regional Youth Center at 4901 NE Barry Road on Tuesday night by either running out of a door or hopping a fence according to police sources. He got into a waiting car and fled the facility.

Ray is serving time for second-degree murder in the shooting of Grandview dad Greg Moody. He had confronted Ray on June 30, 2014 after a shooting, and tried to take the gun away from the teenager. Moody was then shot in the chest and killed, Ray was 14 years old at the time.

Moody was a husband and father of four, and affectionately known as "Pops" in his neighborhood.

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