First birthdays: Sept. 17 – 18

If you would like to see your little one on the air, submit your photo here.

The First Birthday segments sponsored by Dairy Queen will air on your child’s first birthday weekends on the FOX 4 Morning Show from 7-9 a.m., Saturday and Sunday.

Photos must be submitted at least one week prior to the child’s birthday.

One person will be randomly chosen to receive a Dairy Queen birthday cake for their child’s 1st birthday!

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    First Birthdays: September 24-25

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    First Birthdays: August 6-7

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    First birthdays: July 23-24

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    First birthdays: July 30-31

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    First birthdays: July 16-17

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    First birthdays: Sept. 10-11

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    First birthdays: August 27-28

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    First birthdays: July 2-3

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    First birthdays: July 9-10

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    First birthdays: Sept 3-4

  • promo295993616

    First birthdays: August 20-21

  • promo295363276

    First birthdays: August 13-14

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    We want to see your ‘Happy First Birthday’ photos