Costumed characters make special appearance for kid’s birthday after party company’s no-show

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- When it comes to party guests, you'd have a hard time topping the gang that showed up for 6-year-old Andrew Almada's birthday bash.

There was Darth Vadar, Kylo Ren, and even an Ewok , plus two Ghostbusters and Disney's Princess Anastasia.

They may never join forces on the big screen, but last Saturday they put their differences aside to fulfill a a little boy's birthday wish.

When they entered the party room at Cool Crest, Andrew's eyes opened wide. Although he was initially shy about seeing that much stardom in one room, Andrew quickly took control, chatting up his big name guests and sharing his extensive knowledge on everything from lightsabers to proton packs.

Darth Vader and Kylo Ren might usually be seen fighting for the Dark Side, but this time they were one of the good guys. Andrew's mom April O'Brian was thrilled.

"It's not every day you see a Darth and a Ghostbuster and a Kylo," said O'Brian laughing. "It's pretty awesome and I really just can't thank everyone enough."

O'Brian was one of several moms who contacted FOX 4 Problem Solvers to warn us about a company called Party Ventures.

O'Brian had paid the company's owner several hundred dollars for a visit by two Ghostbusters to Andrew's birthday party. But the day of the party, the special guests were no shows.

"I made the mistake of putting on the invitations there would be a special guest," O'Brian said at the time.

Problem Solvers heard similar complaints from multiple other families, most of whom were fighting to get their money back.

After the story on Party Ventures aired in August, Problem Solvers heard from costumed characters from across the metro wanting to give Andrew and any other disappointed child the party they were denied. Cool Crest even donated the venue, the food and the games.

Ghostbuster Ron Coleman told us he couldn't help but volunteer because there's nothing worse than a child with a broken heart.

In fact, many of the superheroes at the party told us this day was exactly how they spend many weekends -- solving problems by making children smile.

To Cool Crest and all the generous characters who came out, may the force be with you.