Dodgers mock Giants’ Madison Bumgarner with #DONTLOOKATME shirts

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LOS ANGELES — If there’s one thing Royals fans can get behind, it’s someone taking a jab at Giants pitcher and object of Joe Buck’s mancrush Madison Bumgarner.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been having a good laugh after Bumgarner’s heated (some would say dramatic) comments to outfielder Yasiel Puig in Monday night’s game.

Puig smacked a slow-bouncer back to Bumgarner in the bottom of the 7th, who made the grab and tossed to first for the out. As Bumgarner walked back to the dugout, he reportedly exclaimed “f— yeah!” causing Puig to give him a bit of a look.

The glare was apparently too much for MadBum, who started shouting at him, reportedly demanding Puig stop looking at him, Sports Illustrated reported.

Puig did not avert his gaze, and the exchange resulted in the benches clearing, with more shouting and shoving. The game resumed with no punches thrown, but Bumgarner was pulled from the game in the top of the 8th.

The Dodgers went on to render Bumgarner’s 7 innings of scoreless work futile when they scored 2 in the ninth to walk off with the win. But they weren’t done yet.

Dodgers players mockingly granted Bumgarner’s request on Tuesday, tweeting photos of themselves wearing shirts reading “#DONTLOOKATME” while covering their eyes.

They were even gracious enough to send one to Bumgarner himself, which Puig made sure to autograph.