Football player who stood from wheelchair during national anthem says it “was the right thing to do”

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OREM, Utah -- A photo of a high school football player in Utah who decided to stand during the national anthem is sweeping across social media.

FOX 13 reports Carson Geddes, 16, recently underwent surgery and is in a wheelchair, but he didn't let that stop him form standing when the "The Star-Spangled Banner" was played at his high school's football game Friday night.

"Standing up was a little hard, so I had to lean on my wheelchair a little bit, definitely wasn't feeling too good by the end of the song," he told FOX 13.  "It was hurting pretty bad that night, right after surgery, so I didn't feel too good. But I felt like I just should stand up, like that was the right thing to do."

Geddes told FOX 13 that despite his pain, he wanted to show his support for his county.

"I'm really patriotic.... that's probably the main reason, just because I love my country and I really respect the people who fight to keep our country the way it is, and for our flag,  so it's just out of respect for those people," he told FOX 13. "I just felt, it's just what I do."

Riley Jensen, who says in his Twitter bio that he is a member of Alta High School's coaching staff, posted a couple of photos of a player standing.

"I don't know this kids name, but he plays for in Utah. Impressive effort young man. I see you," Jensen said in his post.

According to FOX 13, Geddes is a junior at Orem High School and plays defensive end.

Carson told FOX 13 he went in for surgery to treat a hernia on his left side, but when the doctors opened him up they discovered a second hernia on his right side.

Geddes parents told FOX 13 that their son's actions did not surprise them.

"He's very, very patriotic, he wants to be in the military after he graduates and serves a mission for our church," his mom, Liesha told FOX 13. "And he is very passionate, he loves politics and he loves his country, so, we weren't surprised."

According to MaxPreps, Alta beat Orem 47-28 in Friday night's game.