Man calls 911 to explain why he robbed Overland Park bank

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A suspected bank robber called 911 on himself just moments after fleeing an Overland Park bank with a bag full of cash Monday.

Paul Sundquist, 29, said he’d been planning the robbery for weeks and thought he had the perfect location and disguise. The Louisburg, Kansas gas station attendant even had downloaded an app on his phone he thought would help with his get away. But what he didn’t account for were some customers chasing him down.

Drive-thru customers at Stanley Bank on West 151st Street in Overland Park saw a man run from the bank to a nearby tire store Monday. Tellers explained they’d just been robbed. So those customers gave chase as the man who ran from the bank hopped in a truck and headed South down 69 Highway toward Louisburg.

But before the pickup even got to the next exit, Sundquist was dialing 911.

Court documents released Wednesday say he first made up a story that he was forced to rob the bank, but later would admit to typing up a note to give the teller, and wearing a hat and glasses to disguise his identity.

Sundquist explained he downloaded an app so he could listen to police scanners. Once he heard those customers had his license plate, he figured he had no choice but to call the cops on himself and wait for them to arrive.

Police found the note, glasses, phone and the banker's bag with $8,450.

Back at the gas station where Sundquist worked, dismayed customers were left in disbelief.

“It's shocking for sure, because he was always really friendly,” Sarah Evans said.

“It’s going to suck not seeing him every morning, he always just chats with everyone that comes in brightens everyone’s day I think,” Chris Turner said.

After being taken to Overland Park Police Headquarters, Sundquist told FBI agents he robbed the bank because he was under financial stress. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.