Overland Park neighborhoods showing pride, solidarity with new identity signs

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Dozens of neighborhoods in Overland Park are hanging identity signs in order to show solidarity.

The Moody Hills Neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods displaying news signs. There were 10 news signs installed recently that say "Moody Hills Neighborhood.

Creating a neighborhood group gives residents a voice in the community and with city hall.   The addition of the signs is part of Overland Park's Conservation Program started in 1991 in part to make sure that  neighborhoods, especially aging neighborhoods, are connected with one another.

"The signs basically when we start talking about Moody Park and the neighborhood watch area, it basically identifies those of us that are neighbors want to have a neighborhood, not just a bunch of houses adjacent to one another," resident Rob Steinmetz said.

The Moody Hills Neighborhood includes 91st Street to 95th Street and Switzer to Hayes.

Click here to learn more about the identity signs.