Memorial for Deputy Collins will move to safer location

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The memorial for Deputy Collins will move to safer location this weekend.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. — The Kansas Department of Transportation and people mourning Master Deputy Brandon Collins have reached a compromise for where the memorial for the fallen officer will be placed.

Hours after word spread Deputy Brandon Collins was killed, a former coworker and his wife got to work. They created a memorial honoring Collins along 69-Highway. Shortly after, KDOT said the memorial needed to be moved.

Deputy Collins died when a suspected drunk driver hit his patrol vehicle.

KDOT previously told FOX 4 they felt it was best to move the memorial to a different location because its current placement had become a safety hazard. Officials say drivers have been stopping to look at it, some taking pictures as they pass.

With the compromise, the memorial for the fallen officer will remain in the general area, but will be moved away from highway and closer to a fence line. The memorial will be relocated to the KDOT right-of-way fence line along northbound U.S. 69. KDOT will move the right of way fence to surround the memorial, which will allow for public access from the adjacent public trail system located west of Robinson Street in Overland Park.

The memorial will be moved Saturday, Sept. 24. KDOT will move the fence around the memorial on Monday, Sept. 26.

Master Deputy Brandon Collins

Master Deputy Brandon Collins

“Our thoughts continue to be with the family and friends of Johnson County Master Deputy Brandon Collins and the entire Johnson County Sheriff’s Office family,” KDOT said on its Facebook page.