Woman tries to stop man who allegedly took her purse at a gas station by leaping on his car

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DANIA BEACH, Fla. — A Florida woman says she is thankful to be alive after she tried to stop a man who snatched her purse at a gas station, WPLG reports.

Janelle Della-Libera tells WPLG looking back she probably made the wrong choice when she decided to  go after a man who took her purse from her SUV at a South Florida gas station.

According to WPLG, the woman said it all happened in a “blink of an eye.”

Della-Libera told WPLG the man opened the door to her vehicle and grabbed her purse. As he walked away, she decided to jump on top of his car.

“I ran around to his side of the car, got on the car, hoping that he wouldn’t drive off,” she told WPLG. “I reached into the driver’s side. I had my hand on my handbag and, at that point, he drove off.”

The woman says she used her wallet to hit the man, but the man still drove away, which caused her to fall off the vehicle. The man drove over her leg as he was leaving, WPLG reports.

“His driver side tire drove over my foot,” she told WPLG.

According to WPLG, the incident caused a sprain and cuts to Della-Libera’s ankle.

“He just kept cursing and calling me names in an attempt to scare me and get me off, but I think I literally scared him to death, which is what caused him to drive off,” she told WPLG.

Now, Della-Libera tells WPLG, her reaction was not worth her injuries.

“He could have killed me,” she told WPLG.