Instead of waiting for wheelchair, piglet learns to walk on 2 legs

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A piglet in Colorado overcoming obstacles could use some extra help his owner tells KRDO.

Three-weeks ago Miracle was born without his back legs.

“We call him little Miracle and he was born without back legs properly,” Ari Smith told KRDO. One Smith’s pigs gave birth to Miracle.

Smith says Miracle has adapted to his disability, which isn’t something she thought would happen.

“The first day, he started walking on his front legs, and it was amazing to watch because he doesn’t know anything is wrong with him,” Smith told KRDO.  “He just thinks this is normal, how he walks.”

Smith told KRDO that Miracle is a fighter, but she knows he’ll need help in the future.

“He needs a wheelchair and he’ll probably go to a home that can deal with such a different little guy,” Smith told KRDO.

Smith told KRDO she has been reaching out to the community, but hasn’t found anyone that can help.

If you’re interested in helping Miracle, click here.