Overland Park neighbors say chip seal used on streets is leading to sticky situation

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Some people living near West 117th Street and Antioch Road said they are sick of the city using chip seal on their streets. Neighbors said it is sticky and the oil is getting on their shoes, cars and clothes. The city said its a cheap way to keep the streets in good condition.

"People come here, friends from other cities, Olathe, Leawood, wherever and as soon as they turn on the street the first thing they say when they come in the door is what's wrong with your road?," said Erik Radians, who lives in the neighborhood.

The city said the chip seal is saving tax payers thousands of dollars.

"If we had to replace a residential street at today's cost, one mile would cost about 1.5 million dollars, one lane mile," said city spokesman Sean Reilly.

According to the city, for every $1 spent on the chip seal application, taxpayers would have to pay $6-$10 for asphalt overlay. They said the chip seal will last an average of seven years before it needs to be treated.

Neighbors said the road gets especially bad after trash pick up day. They said the trash truck leaves markings in the road and peels up the rock and oil. Neighbors told FOX 4 it's hard for their kids to ride their bike or scooters on the street.

City staff said they will send crews out to the area to clean up the rock from the street on Friday. Neighbors hope the city will find another solution to fixing the roads.