Sinkhole still poses danger two weeks after it appeared in Oak Park

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A sinkhole in a neighborhood park has visitors worried someone could fall in.

FOX 4's Monica Evans was at Oak Park on South Benton and East 43rd Street where the hole is causing concerns.

A flimsy orange plastic fence is the only barrier around the dangerous hole.

Pat Clarke. President of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association, said he called the city about the sinkhole two weeks ago, and they still haven't fixed the problem.

He is upset that the city hasn't even taken the time to cover up the hole to prevent someone from falling in and getting hurt.

Clarke said if this problem had happened at Loose Park near the Country Club Plaza, the sinkhole would've been fixed quickly.

"If you or I were to fall in there, we'd have a hell of a time getting out," Clarke said. "And that's anybody. There's nothing you can grip on, and just imagine walking through here at night. You know, that's an automatic disappearance until the next day or until somebody just so happens to hear you holler."

Heidi Downer, a spokesperson for the Parks and Recreation Department, said the city was made aware of the sinkhole on Sept. 15.

Downer said it was scheduled to be fixed shortly after it was reported, but rain delayed the repairs.

The city said the sinkhole was put back on the schedule Tuesday, but when employees came out they realized the sinkhole may have been caused by a compromised storm drainage pipe, so they called the water department.

FOX 4 was told the water department will be out the first thing Wednesday morning to assess the damage and figure out what needs to be done to fix the sinkhole.