Students in Winnetonka High School’s special education program get hands-on experience in school’s new cafe

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro school just opened up a new cafe for the students and kids in the special education program are running it.

Griffin Grounds is the name of the cafe inside Winnetonka High School in the Northland.

Students can get coffee, cider, tea or hot chocolate for a dollar, and students with special needs are learning valuable lessons about work, preparing them for life after school. Plus all the proceeds go to help fund field trips and other expenses for the special education program.

"We're raising money to do, to go somewhere and stuff" sophomore Domielle Dorsey said. "In October we're about to go skating."

As part of this program, the teachers at Winnetonka are now allowing students to take their coffee to class with them in support of their classmates.

"It's a dream come true for me," Winnetonka functional skills educator Heather Kendrick said. "This is a great thing and to watch the kids kind of blossom with what they've done has been great."