Two months after attack, metro woman wonders why prosecutors haven’t charged robbery suspect

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman is awaiting justice two months after a robber victimized her. The Johnson County woman says her attacker is no stranger to prosecutors, so she wonders why the suspect hasn't been charged in her attack.

You may remember earlier this year police reported a string of robberies and attacks in Westport and the Plaza, and arrested a suspect. Devin Carter says she’s confident he’s the same man who also robbed her Downtown.

Emotional scars remain with Carter months after the July incident. Reading from a letter she wrote her attacker, she recounted the pain and fear she felt.
Carter says she went to a Mexican restaurant after leaving a festival near 18th and Broadway the night of July 27th when a young man rushed her.

"I jumped in my car and I locked my car door. He pulled out a gun and immediately held it to my head through the window," said Carter.

When Carter refused to give up her valuables, the two got in a struggle. Eventually Carter kicked off her shoes and ran for it, letting the thief get away with her belongings. She flagged down a car for help, and made a surprising discovery.

"I got to the intersection, tapped on a car and said I`ve just been robbed, I need the police and he said ma`am look to your right. They were right there attending to a robbery that just happened,” she recounted.

Carter thinks it was at the hands of the same man who had just robbed her. Carter says she did a lot of searching online to find her attacker, and when she came across a certain picture, she knew it was him.

"The minute I saw his picture it was a complete flashback," said Carter.

She says he is the same man police think is connected a Plaza crime spree. Carter says she`s twice picked him out of a lineup. She now hopes someone will come forward with more evidence that will help prosecutors make the connection, and give her much-needed closure.

"My sense of security is so skewed right now that it`s hard for me to go and do things on my own," said Carter.

FOX 4 was not able to reach out to prosecutors in time on Tuesday to find out if they plan to charge the man with Carter's case. Court documents show he has court appearance scheduled in a few days for other crimes he's accused of committing.