Following break-in possibly related to crime spree, Liberty mom concerned for safety in own home

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- A mom of three is concerned about the safety inside her own home. Police say there’s been a rash of home burglaries near downtown Liberty that could possibly be related. There’s been five within a mile-and-a-half radius.

“He keeps asking where his tablet is. I don’t think they get what was going on when we walked into the house. He keeps talking about the house was messy,” said mom Heather Chapman of her 3-year-old.

Three weeks ago, Chapmen took her kids to buy a new play set. They came home around 11 a.m. to find the back door broken. You can still make out the shoe print left on the door.

“He kicked the door down and went through all of the closets, desk drawers, trashed my 8-year-old’s room. Stole all the electronics, Wii, the games that went with in, my daughter’s piggy bank, boxes of ammo, spare set of keys to my car,” the mother of three said.

She grabbed her kids and called liberty police. Police said there’s been five home burglaries within the last six weeks. Most during the day and in the same way: a broken door or window.

“Your space has been violated so you don’t feel safe in it anymore,” she said.

She’s doing things a little differently now. Chapman said she’s more aware of her surroundings. Since her car keys were stolen, there’s now a club on her steering wheel. And about the missing electronics in the house?

“I told them I got rid of them because they were playing on it too much. I told her the Wii-U broke and iIwasn’t getting a new one because we have to be outside and enjoy each others company,” she said.

In total, Chapman estimates $2,600 worth of stolen items. FOX 4 spoke to another victim who said her home was also broken into, but only $30 and a flashlight were missing.