Online vote opens for new Missouri license plates

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It might be five years away, but as the state of Missouri approaches its bicentennial, state officials and historical societies are getting a jump start on planning the celebration.

August 10, 2021 will mark the 200th anniversary of the Show-Me State’s admission into the union as the 24th state. In preparation, the State Historical Society of Missouri (SHSMO) was asked by the state legislature to “provide guidance and direction to a statewide effort to promote and celebrate the State of Missouri’s rich and complex history.”

SHSMO has set up a website,, for Missourians to learn more about upcoming plans.

Among the plans is a new design for Missouri license plates, which is now open for an online public vote.

“The bicentennial license plate is the first step of many to help ensure that all Missourians are a part of the state’s celebration,” said SHSMO Executive Director Gary Kremer.

Governor Jay Nixon signed House Bill 2380, authorizing the bicentennial plate, on July 1.

The options are a variation of a blue background with white reflective lettering. The state seal or red banners are also features that may appear on the new license plate.

The final decision on the design will be forwarded to the Department of Revenue this January. The new plates would be available in 2019.

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