Fans look back on a Royals season full of ups and downs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The boys in blue are hanging up their cleats. It's been an up-and-down season, and with Sunday's final game, FOX 4 talked with fans about looking ahead to football and next year's Royals team.

Tamara Strickland and her friends didn't seem to care about Sunday's final score. She said, "I love my boys in blue so whatever they go out there and do today will be perfect."

Her friend Calvin Tidwell said, "I'm not that worried about today but I'm sure a lot of people are."

Some people did have their eyes on the final record. A loss Sunday meant a .500 season with 81 wins and 81 losses. A win meant 82 wins and 80 losses for the year; a winning season, the 4th in a row for the Royals. The last time Kansas City did this was back in 1975, the start of six-season winning streak.

Tidwell said, "I think having four seasons back to back of winning will a lot of fun for Kansas City."

Regardless of the final runs scored though, Strickland and Tidwell agreed it's ok that we're not headed into October baseball. "I would say after last year with the World Series and everything and all the injuries we're had this year, personally I wouldn't be too worried about it," Tidwell said.

Strickland said the end of the season is "bittersweet because we're not going to be in the post season but it was a great year. I got to come out to a lot of Royals games this year." She said she's proud to be part of record-setting home attendance numbers: more than 2.5 million this year, second-best in franchise history. Strickland is also glad she can spend this fall focused on football. "Now we really get to focus on the Chiefs and enjoy the fall."

Tidwell agreed, "Go Chiefs! It'll be fun."

The Royals also led all MLB markets in local TV ratings for the second year in a row.