Homecoming gathering a memorable moment for Olathe teens

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OLATHE, Kan. – A group of seniors at Olathe Northwest High School decided to take a group of special needs students to homecoming this weekend. The group of 21, which included special needs students and upperclassmen, took photos together and went out to dinner together before the school dance.

“One of my favorite parts about homecoming is probably this right now,” said Christina Eidt, who was crowned homecoming queen Friday night.

She said the most fun part about homecoming is taking photographs before the dance. On Friday, her mother said she was named the school’s first ever special needs homecoming queen.

“I was like, 'oh my gosh,' because I always wanted to be homecoming queen,” she told FOX 4.

Senior Hannah Nelson planned the gathering before the dance.

“I just hope they remember their friendships that we all have together because it’s not just about going to a school dance, it’s about hanging out with your friends and getting to build those relationships outside of the classroom,” Nelson told FOX 4.

The students said they are all in an interpersonal skills class that is made up of half special needs students and half upperclassman who they call peers.

After taking photographs the group went to Hereford House for dinner. The restaurant gave all 21 of the students a free dinner because they were so amazed by what the students were doing.