KCK man’s killing shocks and overwhelms family who plead for arrest, end to violence in city

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A man was gunned down inside his own Kansas City, Kan., apartment on Monday afternoon – leaving a woman without her future husband and a little boy without his father.

Family members and friends identified the victim as 25-year-old Markie Murray.

Police said neighbors heard multiple gunshots inside their Royal Ridge apartment complex off State Avenue Monday afternoon. Many came outside to see Murray stumble out of his apartment and collapse on the ground.

One witness told FOX 4 it looked like Murray was shot in the chest or stomach. He called 911, but Murray was declared dead when EMS arrived.

“A bullet ain’t got no name until you pull it out and put it to somebody,” said Brian, the grandfather of Murray’s young son. “So just stop it! That`s all I can say, is stop it.”

Learning of Murray’s death was especially shocking and overwhelming for the mother of Murray’s 2-year-old child – causing her to faint into the arms of police officers at the scene.

“It`s tragic, you know?” Brian said. “I know we all got to go, but not like this. It`s going to be hard explaining to this boy what happened to his father.”


An online search of court records show Murray was never charged with any violent crimes. However, he did plead guilty last year to an unlawful use of a weapon charge for carrying a concealed handgun. He was sentenced to four years in prison, but got probation after his sentence was suspended.

Family members acknowledged Murray’s past, but told FOX 4 he now had a job and was “on a better path” as he tried to support his family.

“He loved his family,” Brian said. “And he was crazy about them.”

It’s a deadly shooting Murray’s family calls senseless – leaving a woman without the man she planned to marry and a little boy without a father.

“You just took the joy out of people`s lives, especially his son, because his son idolized him,” Brian said. “And I admired that.”

Murray’s family is now pleading for the gunman to come forward, and for the violence in their city to come to an end.

“It`s sad,” Brian said. “I`m trying to keep from choking up, but he was loved. He was very loved. People just got to realize that things that go on in the city got to stop.”

Witnesses told FOX 4 they didn't see the suspects leave the Murray’s apartment. Police say they're still searching for the gunman.

If you know anything, they're asking you call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.