Missouri dad run over by car while trying to stop tee-peeing and vandalism Homecoming tradition

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OAKVILLE, Mo. — A Missouri teen is being referred to a family court to decide if charges will be filed after a man was seriously injured when he tried to stop a homecoming prank from happening.

The juniors at Oakville High School have a long-standing tradition of tee-peeing the homes of seniors the night before the annual Homecoming Powder Puff game.

Throughout the years, the tee-peeing has become more extreme, almost to the point of vandalism.

Students were warned.

“Both the principal and assistant principals and the athletic director had told the students in multiple ways and formats they needed to be responsible make good choices,” said Deputy Superintendent Brian Lane of the Melville School District.

Then, at about 11:45 Sunday night, police received a call for an assault. When they arrived they found a 48-year-old man lying on the street with serious injuries. The victim’s son says he walked outside their home after hearing some smashing noises coming from outside.

Victim's son

Victim’s son

“They were smashing speakers on our lawn they poured all this all over the lawn like paper filing and stuff,” said the victim’s son.

He said his dad stood in front of one of the cars on the street.

“My dad was in front of them telling them to stop, telling them to stop and pick it up, so they retaliated by scooting in towards him when he was in front of the car.”

When his dad raised something he had in his hand, the son says they ran his dad over.

“They just put the gas on and ran him over there are still skid marks on the road there they dragged him about 50 feet and then stopped,” he said.  “It’s got to stop I mean, my dad’s pool of blood is over there dried up and I have to see that every day when I come out of my house.”

Courtesy: KTVI

Courtesy: KTVI

The son admits he has participated in the homecoming tradition but says, ‘it never got this extreme.’

The man’s family issued a statement saying:

A school tradition that has progressively escalated with countless homes and personal property being vandalized has now put a father of six in the ICU. We are simply asking for prayers and privacy at this time to allow the police to do a full investigation.”

Oakville is about 20 minutes southwest of St. Louis.