Halloween masked men try to force way into metro teen’s car

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- It didn't involve creepy clowns, but a teen tells police three men in Halloween masks tried to get into her car at a Lee’s Summit intersection.

The 17-year-old high school student was on her way home from getting her nails done when she approached the intersection of Strother and Ralph Powell Road in Lee’s Summit.

“The light turned yellow to red, then three men came from over where that construction is, over to the car,” the girl, who asked she not be identified, said.

“The guy that was in front had his arms spread out and his legs spread out like trying to stop me, and the one on the driver’s side was messing with the handle, the one on the passenger side was also,” she continued.

All three of those men wearing Halloween masks. One had a Joker mask, another that of a baby doll. She says she didn’t get a good look at the mask of the person on her passenger side.

“I was hoping they weren’t going to get in the car, and if they did, what I would have to do, or what my next step would be in order for me to get out of there safely,” she said.

She kept honking and inching forward toward the man in front, until finally he moved and she sped away running the light that was still red.

She called Lee's Summit police who searched the area and found no sign of the masked men, though a person in the area told police he also spotted the Joker. If it was a prank, police say they certainly aren’t laughing, nor is that teen, who kept her foot on the brake pedal, when someone else might have hit the gas.

“I didn’t think it was this close to home, but it is. Probably is just a game until someone gets hurt, then it might stop or it might get worse.”

Police say they are taking it seriously, and are actively trying to catch whoever was responsible.