Kind strangers provide early Christmas gift to Lawson, Mo. family with donated wheelchair ramp

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LAWSON, Mo. -- Christmas comes months early for a Missouri mom and her daughter, and it's because strangers donated part of theirs.

Now the Lawson, Mo., family is thanking the good hearts who made it possible.

“I was overwhelmed and I just couldn't believe someone would want to do something so nice.  It's so rare to hear of people doing such nice things,” said mom Whitney Dawson.

Dawson says she's still shocked about what happened after she turned to an online swap shop to ask for help. Her daughter, Lexi needs a wheelchair, and their new home only had steps.

“In order for her to get into the house, steps on the house, would have had to take her out of the wheelchair and carry her into the house and carry back to the garage,” Dawson explained.

The problem? It would cost between three and six-thousand dollars to hire someone to build the ramp. That's when a stranger volunteered to do the labor and approached Sutherlands to donate the materials.

“Hearing that the employees would come together to do something so nice without getting anything in return out of the kindness of their hearts, it's amazing,” said Dawson.

Sutherlands’ employees immediately repurposed money from an account set aside to pay for their Christmas party to pay for the materials. Employees say after seeing Lexi's face on Wednesday, they know they made the right decision.

“It's great. She's happy. You can see it on her face. She loves going up and down it,” said Nick Lerette.

“When I saw her today going up the ramp, I knew that this is a job well done,” said Chris Perkins.

The employees say they are just happy to be able to help Lexi and her mom, and are happy to see the little girl so excited.

Dawson tells FOX 4 the stranger who got the ball rolling on the project is Jason Wansing. She says that he doesn't want any credit for building the ramp, or asking Sutherlands for the materials.