Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani on infidelity: Everybody does it

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NEW YORK CITY — Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani had a surprising response when asked whether it was appropriate for him to criticize Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage. Giuliani was speaking with NBC’s Chuck Todd on ‘Meet the Press’ when Todd pressed him on the issue about infidelity.

“Everybody does and you know, I’m a Roman Catholic and I confess those things to my priest, but I’ve never, ever attacked someone who’s been the victim of sexual abuse. Not only that, I’ve put people in jail who have been the victim of sexual abuse and I’ve never participated in that. And I think you’re bringing up my personal life really is kind of irrelevant to what Hillary Clinton did. She’s running for president. I’m not,” he said.

This comes after Donald Trump’s comments at a rally Saturday in which he said, with no evidence to back it up, ‘I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth. And really folks, really, why should she be?’