Gabrielle Union: Healing after her own rape, and her conviction to portray rape victim in ‘Birth of a Nation’

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LOS ANGELES --  Entertainment reporter Russ Simmons sat down with Gabrielle Union, who plays Esther in the new film, 'Birth of a Nation',  about an enslaved Baptist preacher who leads a violent and historic rebellion on a Virginia plantation.

Russ asked Union, 'What are your personal takeaways about all the controversies swirling around the movie?'

Gabrielle Union answered that this movie is what she's been waiting for since she was raped on the floor of a shoe store many years ago.

"I've gone to therapy. I've done the work," she said, explaining that she was ready to take on the role, as uncomfortable as it may have made her. "My discomfort pales in comparison to the work that can be done through this role and through this film and through the press tour that we'll be on. And every time I get a microphone in my face I'm talking about sexual violence as it has been used historically as a weapon of mass destruction, to destroy minds, bodies, souls, psyches and families."

Watch the video in the story above to see Gabrielle Union's passion for helping others and for the movie, 'Birth of a Nation.'